The Cost of our Lives


The ongoing global pandemic led to an unusual sprout in the rate of cyberbullying and Gender-based violence. To help curb this and raise more awareness, Ariyike Akinbobola has decided to relaunch her book “The Cost of our Lives” – The Pandemic edition.

“The Cost Of Our Lives” highlights the story of how Ibidun was taken from Ajegunle in Lagos, Nigeria to London by her Mother’s friend. This novella details Ibidun’s London adventure of friendship, betrayal, freedom and how she was able to return to Nigeria to begin a career as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist. The story is beautifully written as it captures Ibidun’s childhood experiences and beams the light on her strength, resilience and success against all odds.

This book indeed is a must-read for all as it drives awareness on 3 very important societal issues – Cyberbullying, Rape and Child Sexual Abuse. It tells a heartwarming tale of the girl next door.

Ariyike Akinbobola is a Nigerian trained Lawyer currently living in Canada. She enjoys writing and working on humanitarian projects.



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